We are architects and civil engineers.

We are your partner from drawing up
a zone plan all the way to handover.

Active for over 25 years

in the world of architecture.

35 architects and 55 civil engineers

are ready to create unique
architecture for you.

We have won 28 awards.

Our projects win architectural
awards on a regular basis.

You can find us


Aged 25 to 65.

Our teams include people aged 25 to 65 years. We are young and dynamic, but have vast experience.

Our vision

is to create outstanding architecture – we want to be the partner of choice for our satisfied customers.

Over 2 000 clients.

We love the world of architecture. Our clients are our partners, so all the services we offer are comprehensive and professional.

We can handle your project starting from an initial study and design, continuing on to contact with authorities,
all the way to building handover by the project manager.

We are architects and civil engineers who bring life to every building.

Every space is a challenge
to create something truly unique. We have worked with space since 1993 and our work is our passion.
This may be why we have won so many awards for what we’ve done.

We like what we do

Architecture and civil design is not just a boring office job. It means living with the project. A project that starts with pen and paper, continues with drawing of lines and ends with site inspection up to full completion. This is what we like. Isn’t it awesome to walk by a building and say “we designed that one”?

Our mission is a satisfied client

Creating outstanding architecture involves close cooperation with clients. Starting with the first contact, we become a partner for the client and understand their needs, foresee developments and come up with creative ideas about project feasibility. A nice building is only one that has actually been built. The client must be be satisfied during that process.

We are flexible

It’s not just the number of people that counts but one’s attitude to the work. Over more than 20 years of existence, we have learned that every project is different and has many things unique to it. Therefore, we work fast to respond to the needs arising during the design process. We know how much flexibility means nowadays.


Osadní 774/35
170 00 Prague 7
T: +420 541 420 911


Sochorova 3262/23
616 00 Brno
T: +420 541 420 911

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